Dr. Cristina Muru

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The term linguistics refers to language science. According to the Genevan Ferdinand de Saussure (1857–1913), considered the father of structuralism[1], Linguistics has three primary tasks. First of all, to describe as many historical-natural languages and language families as possible, both at a given historical (synchronic) moment and in their becoming along the temporal (diachronic) axis; both from the language’s internal point of view and the external perspective, hence the psycho-sociological point of view. Secondly, Linguistics has the task of identifying what are the principles and assumptions according to which languages work. …

Dr. Cristina Muru

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The term linguistics refers to language science. But how do we trace the emergence of this discipline? When should the History of Language Science begin? The harbingers of modern linguistics can certainly be traced in the Indian world as in the Tolkāppiyam, the oldest Tamil grammar and Panini’s Sanskrit grammar Aṣṭādhyāyī, and in Greek. However, in Europe, such as stated in many manuals of linguistics, the inauguration of the scientific study of language is usually associated with the presidential speech of Sir. …

Anand Amaladass S. J.

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Indian culture has always been multicultural, pluralistic by nature. Whenever an attempt was made to make it mono-cultural, there was conflict, fight and even murder. Holding together has been its strength. There has been always protest movements in the history of India whenever one group absolutized its cultural identity as the defining factor expecting others to fall in line with this thinking. This has not been successful, though there was a semblance of it for a short period of time, but of course with great loss of lives and resources of the country. …

Fr. Michael Panimaya Raj S. J.

‘Know thyself’ — the paradigmatic phrase was carved at the entrance to Apollo’s temple at Delphi in Greece in the fourth century BC. Socrates, a Greek Philosopher, was the first to coin it and invent such a revelatory approach in one’s incessant search for meaning in life. If one has to search for and find it then this very act implies that something has been lost before by the one who is searching for it now. …

Dr. Denis Kulandaisamy

The relationship between and Reason has been a matter of interest to philosophers and theologians. The problem Faith and Reason is reflected in the apparent contrast between modern scientific growth and religious beliefs.

People consider that both the faith and reason are sources of justification for religious belief. They both are sources of authority on which beliefs rest. Reason is generally understood as principles for a scientific and methodological inquiry on truth, whereas Faith involves a stance towards some claim that is not demonstrable by reason. Reason is absolutely based on scientific proofs and logical evidences, whereas…

Dr. Andrew Veda

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To live is to design our life. To live amidst plants is to design our garden. Just as our life is shaped by interaction with Beings, living and non-living, so is a garden shaped. The design of the gardener is discernible in the garden (which is a forest over which the gardener has but partial control). Similarly, our design is discernible in our identity, which is Life over which we have but partial control. …

Anand Amaladass S. J.

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Those who opt for the mission among the poor must wrestle with the question raised by Catherine of Siena in her Dialogue (no. 33): “How can these wretched evil people share their possessions with the poor when they are already stealing from them?.” A spirituality of the poor has been part of the Christian experience from the beginning. In the second half of the 20th century, the spirituality of the poor has become central to a new insight into Christology and ecclesiology. Now it forms the basis of global and ecological awareness.

John Paul II was…

Dr. Metti Amirtham, SCC

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Social distancing, self-isolation, wearing masks and disinfecting oneself arouse a feeling that life is at a complete standstill. Moreover, the pandemic has brought life, work, travel, commerce, etc., to a complete halt. Decision-making has been postponed, and plans have been rescheduled; we wait eagerly to un-pause our lives. Having to face such harsh realities of life amid a pandemic is bewildering. Most of us live in a very limited environment with limited activities and no sharp focus to occupy ourselves, and sometimes even find life meaningless or uninteresting. …

Malarvizhi Baskaran

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What does it mean to be human? We believe that we know the answer for this one, yet we cannot clearly define it in its entirety. Is it defined by the inherent qualities we obtain as a human being by default or is it something we develop or expected to develop gradually over time? Social psychologists categorize humanness by two senses, one is human nature — representing those traits that are essential or fundamental to the human species and the other being human uniqueness — representing qualities that are unique to our species. We share some of the…

Peer Mohamed Azees

“But he/she will prosper who purifies himself/herself.” (Qur’an, Sūra 87, 14) “He quickly becomes righteous and attains lasting peace. O Son of Kunti, declare it boldly that My devotee never perishes.” (Bhagavadgītā, 9, 31) “But test them all; hold on to what is good, reject every kind of evil.” (Bible, 1 Thessalonians 5: 21–22) “Spotless be thou in mind. This only merits virtue’s name. All else, mere pomp of idle sound, no real worth can claim.” (Tirukkural, 34)

What is Bhakti or devotion in every faith and scripture? It is the cleansing of your soul from wrongdoing…


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